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Favorite shoes: I love them all as long as I don’t have to wear the same pair two days in a row.
Favorite run: For training I love the Minnetonka trail out to Carver Park. Race, the Voyager marathon is the most fun, Running from the zoo in Duluth to Jay Cook State Park.
Why am I working here: This is what I do!
Favorite race: You can’t beat the finish of TCM, Avenue of the Giants Marathon in the California redwoods was pretty spectacular!
Best running moment: Finishing TCM with my Mom and Dad at the finish, I cried like a baby.
Activities: Anything outside! I love to bike, downhill ski, cc ski, snowshoe,skate, boot camp at Thorp Park, or just walk anywhere with my pup.
Run gadget: The Garmin Vivofit is the simplest information you can get. I haven’t worn a watch for years and this one I like with the fitness tracker and heart rate feature.

Favorite Shoe: changes from time to time, but right now the Hoka Bondi has been my go to trainer.
Favorite Run: a mix of roads and trails, with some hills mixed in.
Favorite Race: would have to say its two-fold because of the significance they've had in my life over my many years of running; Twin City Marathon and Leadville Trail 100.
Why I work at Startline: because of my love of the sport, its enjoyable to help other runners young and old with their running shoe and apparel needs, along with any advice I can pass along to help them on their goals or injury related questions.
Best Running Moment: tough question to answer considering I have many with all the races run over the course of many years. In some respects I would have to admit that first marathon finish. It gave me the confidence that I can do the distance and spurred me on to keep testing and pushing the limits for myself.

Best Running Gadget: though I do use my GPS from time to time and have used heart rate training, my fave is still my I-pod. It always helps get me through some of those longer runs.

Favorite Shoes:  Saucony Ride
Favorite Run: Pikes Peak Ascent and running the hills and trails along the Mississippi River in Mpls.
Favorite Race: Pikes Peak Ascent, Twin Cities Marathon, Disney Marathon and Ironman World Championships in Kona, HI
Why are you working here? I love the sport of running and triathlon so I enjoy being around like-minded people. I feel it’s a way of giving back to the community and it’s a great fun way to use my education (Kinesiology)
Best Running Moment? I have two! Finishing my first marathon ever – Disney 2001 and Finishing Ironman World Championships in Kona 2005
What are you doing when not running or working at Startline? I teach physical education and health at Breck School to Pre-school – 4th grade. I coach girls and boys swimming and diving at Breck School, I teach yoga at Core Power Maple Grove. And when I’m not working, I’m either working out, hanging out with friends and family or just watching “The Voice.”
Do you have a favorite running gadget? NOPE! I love being “old school”  

Shoe: Prefers going barefoot
Run: around Christmas Lake
Race: My mom won’t let me for fear of getting squashed.
Best Moment: when my vet calls me puppy Swartzenegger because of my strong glutes.
Gadgets: working on controlling the new Stunt Puppy leash!

Favorite Shoes: That's a hard one...I love them all!
Favorite Run: Running with friends with coffee afterwards on weekends.
Favorite Race: Unleash the She, Down & Dirty & the Salomon Trail Series
Why am I working here: I love helping people with all aspects to staying healthy and fit.
Best Running Moment: Still looking for it!
Favorite Running Gadget: Garmin Vivofit

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