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Favorite Shoes: Adidas Energy Boost is at the top, but I also love my Hoka Conquest, Brooks Glycerin for training.
Favorite Run: Any long training run with my friends/training partners (preferably one where blood is not involved)
Favorite Race: Boston Marathons for road races. Trail races, I'm a big fan of Surf the Murph and Icebox 480...we'll see what this next season has in store though!
Why are you working here: I started shopping at StartLine ever since I was put in the appropriate shoe for me after developing IT issues as a new runner (after being in the wrong shoe). I had been loyal to StartLine ever since. They were always so helpful, friendly and spent a great deal of time with me. After leaving a career that I had been in for 12 years and needed a change, it seemed like it would be a great place to work. I was right!
Best Running Moment: That's tough... I have 3 that come to mind right away- My first time running Boston completely lived up to all the hype, crossing the finish line during my first Ironman and my last loop on my first 50 mile race- I just couldn't believe that I still felt so good with so many miles on my legs. Those are just three big ones, there are so many memories that I have over the years- all of the friends I have made, people I have met, how I've grown as a person as well as helped others do the same, all because of running. #IheartRunning!
What are you doing when not running or working at Startline: I am a full time Personal Trainer and Running Coach at Life Time Fitness, I also teach bad@$$ Group Fitness Classes as well as shooting working videos.
Favorite Running Gadgets: I really like my Garmin 620, it does more than I personally need, it's fabulous!

Favorite Shoes: Pearl Izumi M3
Favorite Run: Hard long runs down at the uptown lakes
Favorite Race: In regard to race distance my heart will always be with the mile. Otherwise Bix 7 in Davenport and Griak weekend are always a blast.
Why am I working here: I had a growing interest in running shoes late in high school and early college and started working here after my freshman year at Iowa State. It has a great experience and has really exposed me to shoe development more than I originally thought.
Best moment: Having a practically flawless first marathon at Grandmas in 2011 for the large lack of training I put in leading up to it.
Away from SL: Working on Master's of Science in Kinesiology (Biomechanics) at Iowa State. Otherwise I can be found meandering around frisbee golf courses, drooling over expensive cars I wish I had, and trying to figure out how I can move back to New Zealand as soon as possible.
Favorite gadget: The higher the split in the short, the better.


Favorite Shoes: Altras & Saucony Rides
Favorite Run: Anything with friends and ending with coffee
Favorite Race: Superior Trails Moose Mountain Marathon
Why are you working here? I enjoy helping other runners find shoes and talking running and training.
Best Running Moment? Running through the neighborhoods of NYC during the marathon.
What are you doing when not running or working at Startline? Enjoying the outdoors, spending time with my family, friends and dogs.
Do you have a favorite running gadget? Can I say my compression socks?

Favorite shoes: I love them all as long as I don’t have to wear the same pair two days in a row.
Favorite run: For training I love the Minnetonka trail out to Carver Park. Race, the Voyager marathon is the most fun, Running from the zoo in Duluth to Jay Cook State Park.
Why am I working here: This is what I do!
Favorite race: You can’t beat the finish of TCM, Avenue of the Giants Marathon in the California redwoods was pretty spectacular!
Best running moment: Finishing TCM with my Mom and Dad at the finish, I cried like a baby.
Activities: Anything outside! I love to bike, downhill ski, cc ski, snowshoe,skate, boot camp at Thorp Park, or just walk anywhere with my pup.
Run gadget: The Garmin Vivofit is the simplest information you can get. I haven’t worn a watch for years and this one I like with the fitness tracker and heart rate feature.

Favorite Shoe: changes from time to time, but right now the Hoka Bondi has been my go to trainer.
Favorite Run: a mix of roads and trails, with some hills mixed in.
Favorite Race: would have to say its two-fold because of the significance they've had in my life over my many years of running; Twin City Marathon and Leadville Trail 100.
Why I work at Startline: because of my love of the sport, its enjoyable to help other runners young and old with their running shoe and apparel needs, along with any advice I can pass along to help them on their goals or injury related questions.
Best Running Moment: tough question to answer considering I have many with all the races run over the course of many years. In some respects I would have to admit that first marathon finish. It gave me the confidence that I can do the distance and spurred me on to keep testing and pushing the limits for myself.

Best Running Gadget: though I do use my GPS from time to time and have used heart rate training, my fave is still my I-pod. It always helps get me through some of those longer runs.

Favorite Shoes:  Saucony Ride
Favorite Run: Pikes Peak Ascent and running the hills and trails along the Mississippi River in Mpls.
Favorite Race: Pikes Peak Ascent, Twin Cities Marathon, Disney Marathon and Ironman World Championships in Kona, HI
Why are you working here? I love the sport of running and triathlon so I enjoy being around like-minded people. I feel it’s a way of giving back to the community and it’s a great fun way to use my education (Kinesiology)
Best Running Moment? I have two! Finishing my first marathon ever – Disney 2001 and Finishing Ironman World Championships in Kona 2005
What are you doing when not running or working at Startline? I teach physical education and health at Breck School to Pre-school – 4th grade. I coach girls and boys swimming and diving at Breck School, I teach yoga at Core Power Maple Grove. And when I’m not working, I’m either working out, hanging out with friends and family or just watching “The Voice.”
Do you have a favorite running gadget? NOPE! I love being “old school”  

Shoe: Prefers going barefoot
Run: around Christmas Lake
Race: My mom won’t let me for fear of getting squashed.
Best Moment: when my vet calls me puppy Swartzenegger because of my strong glutes.
Gadgets: working on controlling the new Stunt Puppy leash!

Favorite Shoes: That's a hard one...I love them all!
Favorite Run: Running with friends with coffee afterwards on weekends.
Favorite Race: Unleash the She, Down & Dirty & the Salomon Trail Series
Why am I working here: I love helping people with all aspects to staying healthy and fit.
Best Running Moment: Still looking for it!
Favorite Running Gadget: Garmin Vivofit

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